BPO Services...

       Our association brings cost reductions, performance improvements along with new ways of working, tailored to each client. Our services include data entry, data processing, website design, search engine optimization, website promotion, BPO services like catalog processing & product management for online stores, financial & accounting support, multimedia, graphics editing etc.

       We provide an immediate access to a highly educated, well-trained, fully skilled and reliable workforce who delivers world-class data entry, catalog processing, web research, web designing, OCR and scanning services at par with international standards. This workforce becomes remotely located staff for our clients which executes projects from our office situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

       Offshore Dedicated Team: We have teams of skilled and experienced FTEs to assist you for your ongoing projects, which you can outsource us after providing few days initial training. This offshore dedicated team works directly under your command and control. Also, the team can be available in your business hours to be a part of your workflow.

Benefits with Us:
1. Customers have complete control over the quality during the recruitment, training and process implementation stages
2. 65% cost reduction compared to onshore projects
3. Highly-skilled employees with a minimum graduate qualification
4. Structured quality processes for performance improvement and training
5. Customized daily reports and analysis of performance according to the customerís needs
6. Full-time employees, resulting in consistent quality improvements
7. Advantage to adjust team's working hours to your time zone

Services :
1. Web Content Production
2. Web / Internet Research
3. Product Catalog Processing
4. Data Mining
5. Form Processing
6. Virtual Assistant Services
7. Accounting / Financial Services
We are ready to carry out a no obligation free sample work to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.
You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your IT outsourcing needs as we provide 24/7 customer support.